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Welcome To Puzzle Hour!

Our suite of workshops and programs is designed around hands-on puzzles to engage, educate, and entertain. 

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Puzzle Hour Programmes


Keynote Lecture

Puzzletopia provides an engaging and eye-opening talk to introduce our audience to the world of mechanical puzzles. Tailored to a theme of your choice. Including Puzzle games which could be played as a group. 

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We provide versatile and effective icebreaker programs by giving individuals a shared and enjoyable activity. The collaborative nature of puzzle-solving improves communication and interactions with Family and friends. The ice-breaking event creates a natural conversation starter to help people with social anxiety in a fun and engaging way.

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We provide puzzle-based cognitive therapy, which is a creative and exciting approach to improving cognitive function and mental well-being for individuals; we can assist individuals with difficulties such as stress, Lack of focus, social interactions, and emotional regulation. Through different kinds of activities and puzzles for each difficulty.

Cognitive Therapy 



TBTL-Team bonding/Team Learning activity

Puzzles used in the team bonding activity can be a dynamic and enjoyable way to enhance collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills within a group. It creates a positive and collaborative team culture that can positively impact the overall productivity and satisfaction of the group. It is a shared success, but at the same time, it recognizes individuals' strengths. 

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Problem Solving Enrichment

Puzzles are used in our problem-solving enrichment class because it is a engaging and entertaining way to enhance individual critical thinking, creativity and adaptability in learning. This also helps prepare student for a future where adaptability and problem solving are highly valued.


Introductory Class

Puzzletopia introductory class is your passport to a world where challenges transform into triumphs, and curiosity intertwines with critical thinking. So, let's embark on this puzzle odyssey together! It's a program which Introduce individuals to different types of puzzle with additional excitment.

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  •  ANDSS, JWSS (series - Tangram, Soma))

Additional programmes

That we can conduct:

  • Game Night

  • DIY Puzzle Workshop

  • Creative Thinking Seminar

  • Wellness Programme

  • Customised Training



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