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Introducing AHA Corner


Our roving mechanical puzzle booth that brings tactile conundrums from around the world to heartland spaces in Singapore!

Come Lepak Here!


AHA Corner is our hugely popular brainteaser-based entertainment station. Our tactile puzzles and thinking games provide interactive amusement to all ages.

Can Anot?

Can you fit all the pieces in? Can you separate the two parts? Can you make a cube? Our brainteasers are mostly of easy to intermediate difficulty that can be solved within 5-10 mins.

Own Time Own Target


Different puzzles suit different crowds. We tailor our puzzle spread to your guest demographic so we can let them have fun on their own terms.

Shiok Ah!


Our puzzles spur conversations, work your hands and mind, and when you have your “a-ha!” moments, deliver a nice dose of satisfaction.

Steady Bom Pi Pi Lah


Our puzzle masters know their stuff like the back of their hand. Leave it to them to draw the crowd in and tolong them with hints and tips.

Die Die Must Try!

Host our novel activity booth and leave your guests with unforgettable experiences at special events:

  • picnics

  • festivals

  • carnivals

  • weddings

  • school fairs

  • conventions

  • game nights

  • block parties

  • anniversaries

  • birthday parties

  • family functions

  • corporate events

  • community events

  • and other occasions!

Employ this one-of-a-kind event stall to enthrall your guests and enliven the atmosphere.


$150 / hour

Starter Plan Includes:

  • 10 Unique Hands-on Puzzles & XXL Puzzle Games

  • Friendly On-site Puzzle Master

A typical spread of 10 items can easily cost over $700 in retail. AHA Corner is a real bargain: the items are hand-picked and come with guidance!

Fine(r) Print
  • Puzzle selection and transportation are complimentary.

  • You need not cover costs for any damages to the puzzles as our facilitators will be overseeing.

  • Booth set up will be done 15-30 mins before start of event.

  • We typically use 2-3 tables for puzzle display. 5-10 chairs for guests to sit down on and attempt the puzzles will be ideal.

  • We have new science toys in our collection. These encapsulate scientific ideas in elegant ways. You can now choose these exclusively or get a mix of puzzles and science toys for your event.

  • If you are expecting a big crowd of more than 200 people or want to engage your audience further, consider getting for a small fee extra items (10 extra items for $30) or puzzle masters (each extra facilitator for $30).

  • If you require us to bring our own tables, we have a fee of $10/table

Happening Siol...


Have a look at our past events.

Chope Fast!


Tell us when and where you want us to be and we’ll be there with our barang barang.


Let us know at least 1 week before your event so we can curate the best experience for your guests.

Need Extra Items and Facilitators? 

Just let us know hereEvery extra 10 items for $30 and each extra facilitator for $30.

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