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Spark your mind through play!


sparkbox is a premium rental subscription box with 3 mechanical puzzles or 2 puzzle games to keep you busy puzzling anytime, anywhere!

sparkbox is also designed for use by enterprises (organisations with more than 10 users).

How it Works


Get your first SparkBox at the start of a new exchange period.


Get busy puzzling and crack all 3 puzzles! Ping us if you want hints.


Return and get your new SparkBox at the end of the exchange period.

Hygiene & Safety is our top priority.

All puzzles go through a thorough 5-step sanitisation process before being sent out again.

  1. Set-aside for 24 hours upon return

  2. Swab with plant-based cleaner

  3. Sanitise with sanitiser spray

  4. Sterilise under UV light

  5. Seal in package boxes

What's in the SparkBox?

3x Mechanical Puzzles / 2x Puzzle Games


Hand-picked from our catalogue of over 1,700 unique puzzles of different genres. You’ll never get the same puzzle twice!

Puzzle Cards*


Learn about the puzzles, their objectives & other trivia.


*Currently in development, puzzle info will be shared in-person or digitally if cards are not provided

Image by Jonathan Kemper
What are
Mechanical Puzzles?

Mechanical puzzles are 3-D puzzles consisting of one or more parts that present a unique problem for the player to manually solve.

The world’s most famous mechanical puzzle, and one that has baffled thousands worldwide, is the Rubik’s cube!

Puzzle Genres


Make specific shapes from puzzle pieces.

Skills involved:

Visualisation, Pattern recognition, Manipulation


Divide the puzzle into its constituent pieces.

Skills involved:

Pattern recognition, Manipulation


Take apart interlocking pieces, then put them back together.

Skills involved:

Analytical thinking, Visualisation, Manipulation


Disentangle a part of the puzzle from the rest of it and tangle it back.

Skills involved:

Observation, Analytical thinking, Manipulation

Sequential Movement

Reach a predetermined goal through a series of moves.

Skills involved:

Logical thinking, Memory, Manipulation


Delicately balance and diligently manoeuvre objects around.

Skills involved:

Hand-eye coordination, Spatial reasoning, Motor skill

Example Puzzles

Here are some of the puzzles you can get your hands on.

3D Packing Problem

Log Jam



There are 8 log pieces in total. 7 in the box. 1 last piece in the compartment built into the box. Its a breeze to fit 7 logs in the box. The last piece is the hard part. Give it a go!

Skills Involved

  • Analytical thinking

  • Thinking out of the box

Benefits of Puzzling

Keep your mind active

Develop fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination

Develop problem solving abilities

Improve spatial perception through visualization exercises

Improve memory and focus

Reduce screen time: an alternative to digital entertainment

Train perseverance and resilience to setbacks 

Fun social activity with family & friends

SparkBox Subscription Plans

Give your family, friends and yourself the gift of learning through play!

Monthly Exchange

1 SparkBox / month

Fortnightly Exchange

2 SparkBoxes / month

 Most Popular 

Weekly Exchange

4 SparkBoxes / month

 SparkBox Puzzles 

 a selection of 3 premium mechanical puzzles in each SparkBox 




$120 for 3 puzzle boxes over 3 months




$180 for 6 puzzle boxes over 3 months




$240 for 12 puzzle boxes over 3 months

 SparkBox Games  NEW! 

a selection of 2 fascinating puzzle games offering multiple challenges and replayability in each SparkBox




$150 for 3 games boxes over 3 months




$240 for 6 games boxes over 3 months




$360 for 12 games boxes over 3 months

Above prices are for return and self-collection (15-min slots) at Puzzletopia, located at 20 Upper Circular Rd, #01-56,

The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416.

+$10/exchange for home delivery and pick-up

Get  5% off  a 6-month subscription &  10% off  a 12-month subscription!

SparkBox Plan Features
  • Upgrade or downgrade to another plan anytime.

  • Delivery, collection & handling are available at an extra fee.

  • Cancel anytime and get a full refund for all unused months.**

  • We cater our puzzles to different age groups and preferred difficulty levels. Let us know who you are getting this for when signing up.

  • Our friendly staff are ready to explain the objectives of the puzzles to you in person.

  • Stuck on a puzzle? Hints and solutions are provided upon request.

  • We design each box just for you. We keep note of your favourite puzzles and handpick every puzzle based on your preferences.

Fancy a

If you are completely new to mechanical puzzles, get a one-time 1-week loan for $10 (SparkBox Puzzles) or $20 (SparkBox Games) and try out the SparkBox yourself.

Should you choose to continue with a subscription, we will refund you the $10 / $20!

**Terms & Conditions Apply

What Our Customers Are Saying

I was always interested in physical puzzles like puzzle boxes and disentanglement puzzles. However, not only are they costly to buy, but also lose their magic once you figure out the solution, so I never really got into them. With SparkBox, I can scratch this itch for puzzling at a fraction of the cost, and have new puzzles to challenge myself with every month. Your monthly SparkBox can be tailored to your personal preferences, so you only get the puzzles that you are interested in. It is an excellent subscription box that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is interested in puzzles.

Nicholas Yuen

Software Engineer, Shopee

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