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  • Are there any discounts or offers?
    Yes! Enjoy benefits for referrals, getting multiple subscriptions, and more. Details to be posted here soon.
  • I am not sure what I am supposed to do with this puzzle. How do I find out the objective?
    Drop us a message on WhatsApp at +65 8830 9206 or Telegram @projectenigma_tele, or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP!
  • I am stumped by this particular puzzle. Can I get some help?
    The struggle is part of the enjoyment. Have you exhausted all possible ways you can think of? Have you given the puzzle enough time? Have you come back to it again and again and found that you are still stuck? If you answered yes to all the questions above, then contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram at +65 8830 9206 or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP! Let us know your progress with the puzzle in as much detail as possible. Photos or videos, your thinking process, any burning questions you have on the puzzle all help us provide you the smallest nudge you need to solve the puzzle on your own. We are very careful about providing too much help, lest we spoil the puzzle for you.
  • I think I have solved a puzzle but I am unsure if it is the correct or the intended solution. Can you help verify it?
    Yes, we can! Send us a picture of your solution on WhatsApp or Telegram at +65 8830 9206 or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP!
  • I have given up. Can I see the solution for this puzzle?
    Contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram at +65 8830 9206 or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP! However, we do not encourage seeing the solution unless you have really given up (and perhaps are losing sleep over it). We could always give you bigger hints that will get you closer to the solution, but if it is the solution you would like, we will not hold it from you! We seek your understanding in that we may not have solutions to some of our puzzles. These are cases where the designers or retailers we have purchased from withhold the solutions in line with their philosophy.
  • I only like certain kinds of puzzles. Can I select which puzzles I get?
    Do let us know which puzzles interest you the most and we will cater to your taste! The best way to do this is to fill in the puzzle survey after each box. We track your likes and dislikes and tailor our selections based on your feedback, among other factors. You can also share your thoughts on the puzzles with our exchange personnel which will help us understand your preferences and needs better. If you know which puzzles you would like to try, you can pass us the details. We cannot promise you will get the specific puzzles you want, but we will try our best - it depends on whether we have the puzzle in our SparkBox catalogue, whether it is out on loan with another customer, and whether there are other customers waiting in line to try it.
  • I damaged a puzzle accidentally. Do I have to pay?
    We will assess if the damage is cosmetic, partial or total. - Cosmetic damages are superficial, maybe a scratch here or a chip off there. - Partial damages can be fixed, perhaps a glued piece falls apart. Please do not attempt repair on your own. We will charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of repair. - Total damages are when puzzles lose their function completely, say a special piece goes missing, or the prime mechanism is spoilt. In such a case, we will quote you the replacement fee of the puzzle. We retire puzzles once they are near the end of their life, so the puzzles loaned out to you should be in good condition. Please highlight to us early if a puzzle in your new box is in bad shape. If you are using force on a puzzle, you are almost certainly solving it wrongly. Check with us if you are unsure about using force for a particular move. Please handle all the puzzles with utmost care to reduce the possibility of damaging them.
  • One of the puzzles in the box arrived damaged/I have already played with one of the puzzles in a previous box. Can I get a replacement puzzle?
    Of course! Just let us know and we’ll put in an extra puzzle in your next SparkBox.
  • I am planning on getting a box for my kids/parents. Will it be suitable for them? How difficult are the puzzles?
    We have puzzles suitable for kids and seniors. Also, you can let us know what are their preferences and likings at sign-up. We will design a SparkBox just for them! Fill in our puzzle survey form and hand it to us during your next SparkBox exchange. This will help us better cater to your kids’/parents’ liking!
  • I will not be in at the time of delivery/pick-up. Can someone else collect/return the box on my behalf?
    Yes, that’s possible. Just let us know who we will be meeting beforehand.
  • I will not be in at the time of delivery/pick-up. How do I change the delivery/pick-up timing?
    Please let us know beforehand about the change in timing. Kindly inform us at least 24 hours in advance. Contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram at +65 8830 9206 or email us at Your regular exchange day and timing will not be affected, i.e. the next exchange will follow your original exchange slot preference, unless you want to change that permanently. Please specify if your timing change is one-off. If you will be unavailable on the exchange day, we can arrange for an exchange slot on another day, but please note this would reduce the time you have with the new box before your next exchange. Alternatively, you can pay to get an extension, so that the time you have with your next box does not decrease. (See next FAQ)
  • I have not managed to solve a couple of the puzzles yet. Can I extend the rental period for my current box?
    Extension of the loan period is possible. An extension fee of $20 per week for SparkBox Puzzles and $30 for SparkBox Games will apply. If you wish to, you can also get tips from us (see previous FAQ).
  • I will be going overseas next month. Can I pause my subscription for this period and resume it when I return?
    Yes, you can. You may arrange a delivery of your SparkBox to our address on your exchange date or we can collect the SparkBox for a fee of $10. We will not issue you a new SparkBox for the next month. Once you are back, let us know and we’ll resume your subscription. You will not be charged extra for the month you were overseas. Please note that we will only allow pausing on your plan for 3 months at a time. Contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram at +65 8830 9206 or email us at
  • I want to plan my schedule in advance. When are the boxes exchanged?
    We exchange boxes between 7pm and 10pm, any day of the week, within 30min slots. You can select your regular exchange slot during sign up, and change them anytime later. The boxes will always be exchanged on the same day of the week and time of the day as your first exchange unless you require us to do a different timing.
  • I am not based in Singapore. Do you ship internationally?
    No, unfortunately we do not deliver outside of Singapore at the moment.
  • I am moving to a new place soon. How do I update my shipping address?
    Just let us know your new address and we will help you update.
  • What is the difference between SparkBox Puzzles and SparkBox Games?
    The plans differ in type and number of items delivered with each box. Puzzles usually have a single challenge, whereas puzzle games usually feature challenge cards with challenges increasing in difficulty from easy to expert. Games are more often also bulkier, multiplayer, and replayable. That is not to say puzzles are not all of these. For example, many puzzles offer repeated trials. Take for instance, the Rubik's Cube or the Tower of Hanoi.
  • What is the difference between SparkBox and SparkBox Enterprise?
    SparkBox is our standard offering. SparkBox Enterprise is for companies and organisations that wish to employ the puzzles in a larger setting with many users (>10). Enterprise pricing is different despite similar benefits because wear and tear of puzzles occurs at a much faster rate resulting in significant depreciation costs for us. We are more stringent with the damage checks of the puzzles for non-enterprise customers as we understand the use case is mostly domestic.
  • I want more frequent exchanges/I want to stay on for longer. How do I upgrade my subscription?
    You can inform us if you would like to upgrade. We will just need you to top up the difference between the new plan and the current juncture of your existing plan.
  • My work has piled up. How do I cancel my subscription? Do I get a full refund?
    Cancel anytime and get a full refund for unused months. For e.g., your subscription ends in December. However, you cancelled your subscription pre-maturely in October. Then, we will refund the amount for November and December. Please note that your plan will be downgraded to the next lowest tier applicable to calculate billing. If you are on a 12-month 12-box plan and you stop on the 4th box, the pricing for the 4 boxes will be calculated according to the 3-month subscription price. If you stop on the 7th box, it will be calculated with the 6-month subscription price. Do note that if you stop on your 2nd box, there will be no refund for the 3rd month as 3 months is our minimum subscription period.
  • I am not sure which plan I should go for. What would you recommend?
    Go for the fortnightly exchange (once every two weeks), 12-month plan. This is in the goldilocks' zone, and you have the option to upgrade or downgrade. If you are completely new to mechanical puzzles, you may want to check out our one-time 1 week trial package to see what might be best for you. Generally, the monthly exchange will be suitable for you if you are choosing difficult puzzles or if you love to chew on puzzles and solve them slowly. The weekly exchange will suit you if you have chosen easy puzzles or you are a puzzle lover who spends a lot of time puzzling.
  • Can I get a mix of puzzles and games?
    Yes, you can. You will first need to choose whether you would like to go with SparkBox Puzzles or SparkBox Games as your primary option. Puzzles and games can be interchanged in a ratio of 2:1, i.e. 2 puzzles can be swapped for 1 game and vice versa. You will need to drop us a message with your desired mix. We recommend the following: - If you are on SparkBox Puzzles, swap 2 puzzles for 1 game. Get 3 puzzles + 1 game in each box. - If you are on SparkBox Games, swap 1 game for 2 puzzles, Get 2 games + 2 puzzles in each box.
  • I want to get some puzzles for my weekend party / just for my vacation month. Do you have one-day / one-time loans?
    We can offer customised plans to meet your needs. Our rental price per day per puzzle is $3 and for a game is $6/day, not inclusive of delivery and pick-up.
  • I want to become a better puzzle solver. Do you have any general tips for me?
    Coming soon. (There are lots of strategies!)
  • How do I contact Project Enigma?
    You can contact us on WhatsApp at +65 8830 9206 or Telegram @projectenigma_tele, or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP! Alternative platforms you can reach us include: phone call, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram chat, LinkedIn chat, and website Contact form. Any of these works.
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