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Mealtime Meantime

Elevate your customers' dining experience

with food for the brain

Are you looking for a unique way to captivate your customers, enhance their satisfaction, and boost their loyalty? Look no further!

Mealtime Meantime is an exciting opportunity to revolutionise your restaurant experience and foster long-lasting loyalty at your esteemed establishment. By incorporating tabletop puzzles into your restaurant, you can create an engaging and memorable atmosphere that sets your venue apart from the competition.

Let us explain why choosing our service is the perfect solution for your establishment.

Why Use Tabletop Puzzles?

Enhancing Mood and Appetite

Our puzzles have a remarkable effect on customers' moods. They create an enjoyable and brain-engaging experience, stimulating their minds and putting them in a positive state of mind to fully enjoy and appreciate your culinary creations. Engaging your customers' minds also has a physiological effect—it increases thirst and hunger, potentially boosting sales of food and drinks.

Extended Dwell Time and Increased Revenue

As customers become engrossed in solving puzzles, they tend to stay longer, prolonging their overall dwell time at your establishment. Increased dwell time translates into additional opportunities for your staff to provide excellent service, upsell menu items, and boost overall revenue.

Lively Premises

Puzzles act as excellent conversation starters, encouraging customers to engage with each other at deeper levels. As they immerse themselves in the puzzle-solving process and animated dialogues, they unknowingly stay longer, and contribute to a perpetually energetic and happening atmosphere in your restaurant.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

With the tabletop puzzles' magic, your customers will leave with a memorable and unique experience that they'll be eager to share with their friends and family. The engaging puzzles and enjoyable atmosphere you create will become a talking point, generating positive word-of-mouth referrals and attracting new customers to your restaurant.


Returning Crowd

Customers who thoroughly enjoy their time are more likely to return and become regulars, creating a solid customer base that guarantees long-term success. Additionally, we understand the importance of keeping things fresh and exciting. That's why we provide new puzzles every week, ensuring your customers always have something new and intriguing to look forward to. This constant refreshment adds an element of anticipation, keeping your customers coming back for more.

Captivating Entertainment

Picture the scene: as customers are seated at their tables, they discover a delightful surprise awaiting them—a high-quality tabletop puzzle. Offering brain-teasing puzzles will instantly capture your patrons' attention. Engaging their minds in a playful and interactive manner creates an enthralling diversion, promoting a sense of eagerness and excitement, nurturing genuine wellness and joy.

Positive Wait-Time Perception

Sometimes, unavoidable waiting periods can lead to impatience or restlessness among customers. However, tabletop puzzles act as a powerful distraction, effectively turning waiting time into an enjoyable experience. By providing entertaining and mentally stimulating activities, you can transform what could be seen as a drawback into a positive aspect of your restaurant, leaving guests with the impression that their time was well-spent. The puzzling experience makes time fly by such that your customers perceive the wait time to be much lesser than it really is. In fact, they may wish the wait was longer!

Place of Bonding

Tabletop puzzles encourage social interaction among guests, allowing them to work together, solve challenges, and engage in friendly competition. By fostering connections and promoting communication, you create an atmosphere of conviviality and warmth, turning a simple dining experience into a memorable shared adventure. These moments of shared excitement contribute to the formation of strong emotional ties with your establishment.

Brand Differentiation

In today's competitive restaurant landscape, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. Incorporating tabletop puzzles into your restaurant's ambiance will set you apart, showcasing your commitment to go the extra mile in providing an exceptional dining experience. Customers will remember and talk about the unique and engaging approach of your restaurant, leading to increased good reviews and referrals, and ultimately attracting new clientele.

Our Value Propositions

Ease of Deployment

We provide a comprehensive package including puzzles, display stands, hand sanitisers, and clear instructions. No extra manpower is required as we choose puzzles that don't require resetting. This ensures you can get started immediately and easily.


We carefully select puzzles based on your desired waiting time to fill, ensuring the perfect fit for your restaurant.

Continual Support

We arrange monthly check-ins to assess your needs and adjust our puzzle selections accordingly, ensuring a tailored experience.

Digital Resources

Users can access beautifully designed instructions, trivia, hints, and solution videos via a convenient QR code scan, enhancing their puzzle-solving experience.

Tracking & Feedback

Stay informed about the number of people using our service at your restaurant (number of QR scans, duration of page visit) and receive valuable feedback to continually improve.

Quality Products & Buy-Back

We provide sturdy and durable puzzles that are sure to intrigue and entertain your customers. Additionally, we offer a buy-back option for puzzles you no longer use after a quick quality check.

Convenient Delivery

We handle the delivery process, ensuring that all the puzzle materials and accompanying items are brought directly to your business location.

Advertising Add-On

Explore the option of presenting custom ads of your food items to customers visiting our online puzzle pages, maximizing exposure and enticing them to try your delectable offerings.

Example Puzzle

See the SOMA Cube here.

Example Presentation

Example Placard

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 11.44.18 AM.jpeg
Customer Poster.png

Incorporating tabletop puzzles into your restaurant is a cost-effective and highly impactful investment. They serve as an innovative tool to enhance customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and create a unique brand identity. Let's transform your dining experience into an extraordinary adventure that keeps customers coming back for more.

Join the growing list of satisfied restaurants that have transformed their customer experience with Mealtime Meantime by Project Enigma. Let us bring a touch of excitement, engagement, and lasting memories to your dining establishment!

Pricing and Plans

Basic Package (5 tables) + Holistic support


Billing is monthly. You may change your plan or cancel anytime. You can also return working puzzles and stands for cash-back.

Add-On Package (every extra 5 tables)


Replacement for puzzles and stands in case of damage are available. Puzzles can be replaced at $60 ea, while stands can be replaced at $20 ea.

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