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Multiplayer Puzzle Games

Want to challenge your family or friends in a game of wits? You may not know it, but there are a host of multiplayer puzzle games out there on the market! In this article, we take a look at some unique ones that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end.

On the Dot

“On the Dot” is a tricky brain teaser game by BrainWright, where the player has to overlap the coloured spots on four transparent squares to match the alignment of spots on the pattern cards. The game can be played individually on your own time, but for maximum fun, why not go head-to-head with someone else to see who can replicate the winning pattern faster? This game will test your spatial and visual reasoning skills, as you rotate the transparent cards and try to get the spots to line up exactly right. There are over 60 puzzle cards for you to work through with your friends! For a better look at the gameplay, check out our instagram post on this card game here as well.

Taken from Gamewright


The next game, “Ubongo”, is a fast-paced multiplayer game which involves fitting geometric tiles together to fit the configuration shown on the drawn puzzle card. Each round, players draw a unique puzzle card and after a roll of the dice, are given a set of geometric game tiles with which to work with, to combine together and form the right shape.

Upon completing the task, players shout “Ubongo!”. The faster you achieve the right puzzle configuration, the more gems (i.e., “points”) you receive. On top of this exciting gameplay, the vibrant colours and well-designed game pieces make “Ubongo” an attractive buy for those looking for an enjoyable multiplayer puzzle game.

Genius Square

Genius Square” is another impressive multiplayer game. The aim of this game is to “complete” the square on the grid with the nine 3-D geometric pieces; however, certain coordinates have already been blocked out on the grid (determined by throwing seven dice), and the player must carefully choose the position of each piece to solve the puzzle.

Besides going at it alone, feel free to compete with your friends to see who can complete the square faster! Ingeniously, this game has been designed such that there are multiple ways to complete the square with the nine pieces, and regardless of which coordinates are blocked, a solution can always be found. There are a total of 62,208 combinations to work through, more than enough variations to keep you and your rival busy for a while!

Strategy Games - Blokus and Rubik's Flip

Besides puzzle games, other award-winning multiplayer strategy games include Blokus and Rubik’s Flip.

In Blokus, the goal is to complete placing down all your coloured game pieces (consisting of a variety of different polyominoes) which must be connected to each other by their corners onto the square board. Competing against you are two to three other players with the exact same goal, and unfortunately, since board space is rather limited, not all of you will be able to do so. Each player must choose carefully how to play their pieces, and aim to grab board space while at the same time, block other competitors from putting down their pieces.

Invented by mathematician Bernard Tavitan, this game has won numerous awards since it was launched in 2000 in France, such as the Mensa Best Mind Game Award of 2003, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award of 2004, and the Seal of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine in 2006. Overall, Blokus is a fun, casual game that smartly incorporates strategic and visual thinking into its gameplay.

Taken from wikipedia

Rubik’s Flip is another cleverly designed game, where players have to form a line of three tiles by placing down their coloured tiles and flipping their opponent’s coloured tiles during their turn. One player takes the yellow/white tiles, while the other player takes the red/blue ones. A player wins once three tiles have been formed up in a row, column or diagonally, and they are “locked” in place, meaning they can no longer be flipped by the opponent in the following turn (i.e., the three tiles are surrounded by other tiles).

Taken from University Games

Modelled on the same colour scheme as the famous Rubik’s cube, this is a fast-paced and challenging game that is easy to pick up.

Replayable, Dynamic and Interactive

While some puzzles and games can be enjoyed on their own, others are replayable and dynamic, and this is where multiplayer games really shine. Pitting yourself against your family or friends in a bid to out-wit them or out-pace them is mentally stimulating and highly engaging (plus, the winner gets bragging rights!). These games not only encourage creative/logical thinking but also interactions amongst players, serving as the perfect game-night activity for those looking for a fun way to spend the evening.

For more information on these games, feel free to contact us here to find out more, or check out our new Sparkbox Games offerings here! :)

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